The Holiday

  Cranberry Mango Salsa, this is a delicious twist on traditional salsa all natural ingredients. Pair this with a crunchy tortilla chip and love the refreshing taste.

    A jar of Chipotle Raspberry jam will only want you crave for more. Absolutely mouth watering, the fresh berry taste combined with the kick of chipotle pepper is a wonderful combination. Try it on a cracker or paired with goat cheese.

    A smooth wild salmon pate is a delicious appetizer to enjoy with your favorite beverage.

    A reindeer filled box with some caramel corn for all you smackers.,  How about a box of  turtles and English toffee?Creamy caramel chocolate turtles with pecans, cashews or almonds.These turtles are the best, made with our own home made caramel. The toffee is equally delicious.

   Top this off with some fresh coffee beans for a great cup of coffee. A wonderful  assortment for The Holiday.

The Holiday
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